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Children at school


If your child is having difficulty progressing in one or more academic areas, a psycho-educational assessment can be very helpful to gain insight into their learning strengths and needs. This assessment will provide you and your child’s school with an in-depth understanding of how your child is performing across areas of cognitive and academic functioning (for their age and grade level), in order to help clarify specifically where they are struggling. 

Is your child always a few steps ahead of your parenting books? Do they absorb information like a sponge and thrive on intellectual conversations? Are they exceptional at art, mathematics, or science? If you said yes to any of those, you may have a gifted child. Getting your gifted child assessed opens many doors for them by helping them qualify for gifted programs and receive a more enriched academic curriculum that engages them and helps them reach their full potential.

Social-emotional and behavioural assessments help to provide a comprehensive understanding of how your child is doing across multiple areas of psychological functioning. 

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