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Family having fun outside

Family Counselling

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose how to communicate with them. Conflict in any family is unavoidable. If you need help resolving yours, we can help. Our counsellors help to break down emotional barriers and facilitate open and honest communication.

Is your family going through a difficult time? Are you struggling to communicate, be heard, feel respected, resolve conflict? Families are complex - a grouping of people with individual relationships, interdependent routines,  differing perspectives and opinions, and sometimes even opposing goals. This can make navigating family life difficult.

Some families are just beginning to feel the effects of unresolved conflict. Some families have reached a crisis point and want to create changes in challenging longstanding patterns and dynamics.  But for any family, in any state of hurt or struggle, Family Counselling can help improve communication, resolve conflict, and build skills to create strong family frameworks.

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