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Gifted Assessments

If you think your child may be gifted, a comprehensive assessment will help you to understand your child’s specific learning strengths and needs.


This assessment will also help to determine whether a specialized program or Individualized Program Plan may be beneficial to supplement and enhance your child’s academic and learning development.

Some school programs that provide challenging learning environments and advanced placement options request that you to have an intellectual assessment completed on your child in order to confirm their exceptional cognitive and academic skills.

Alternatively, as a parent, you may just be interested in gathering more information about your child’s learning strengths, or seeking strategies and recommendations to foster your child’s academic growth in current and future grades.

Common Characteristics of Giftedness

Are you wondering if your child could be gifted? Although all children are unique in some way, gifted children tend to have general characteristics that set them apart from other children, especially regarding their unusually advanced degree of intellectual ability. If you have observed some of the following characteristics in your child, consider scheduling a gifted assessment with us.

  • Highly Observant

  • Early Readers

  • Strong Vocabulary

  • Heightened Concentration

  • Outstanding Memory

  • Creative Thinkers

  • Intellectual Curiosity


Types of Tests for Gifted Children

Common assessment measures that are used to clarify a child’s learning profile are:

  • IQ Testing - measures your child’s levels of cognitive processing skills, verbal and nonverbal functioning, reasoning capabilities, knowledge, working memory, quantitative reasoning, visual-spatial reasoning, and abstract thinking.

  • Academic Testing - measures how well your child acquires information and performs in academic settings, such as, fluency in reading and arithmetic, mathematical problem solving, reading comprehension, writing skills and memorization. 

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